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Professor Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch passed away

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of

Professor Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch

who passed away on 7th July 2020

She was an outstanding researcher on proper names, head of the Department of Onomastics, Deputy Director of the Institute of the Polish Language PAS, editor-in-chief of the journal “Onomastica”, editor and co-author of the toponomastic dictionary Nazwy miejscowe Polski (Place Names of Poland), chair of the Polish Commission on Names of Localities and Physiographic Objects, member of numerous linguistic and onomastic bodies including the Polish Academy of Sciences Committee on Linguistics and the International Council of Onomastic Sciences, and – first of all – She is our late lamented Colleague. She will remain in our memories as an initiator of many onomastic studies and as a diligent, good, and kind person. Rest in peace!

The funeral will be held on 10th July (Friday) at 11:40 at the Batowicki Cemetery (Cmentarz Batowicki) in the district of Prądnik Czerwony in Kraków (chapel near Powstańców Street).

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