Maciej Eder, Ph.D., D.Litt.


Director of the Institute of the Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences


Although my background is early modern literature (Polish and Latin), my main field seems to be computer-assisted text analysis or, to be precise, a cross-section of literature, quantitative linguistics, and computational methodology, with special attention paid to machine-learning techniques. My recent research is focused on computational stylistics, or stylometry. Specifically, I’m interested in the question of authorship: To which extent written texts preserve unique stylistic traces of people who penned them? How such an authorial “signal” can be effectively extracted from texts that were altered by editors, or imperfectly copied by several scribes? How large a text sample needs to be to reliably betray its author? Can stylometric methods be generalized to support literary criticism in the “distant reading” paradigm? These and similar questions are undertaken in my stylometric studies.

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