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Goals and mission

The Institute of the Polish Language of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IJP PAN) conducts scholarly activities aimed at describing and documenting Polish language as used today and in the earlier centuries. The flagship projects of the IJP PAN include scholarly dictionaries of the Polish language, based on own linguistic material that has been collected by several generations of the employees. The variety of works conducted in the Institute spans from historical dictionaries describing Old and Middle Polish, to dictionaries of contemporary Polish, including the most comprehensive contemporary dictionary of Polish, developed exclusively in the electronic version: Great Dictionary of Polish. Lexicographic undertakes of the IJP PAN concern not only the standard Polish language, but also its varieties, including regional dialects. A detailed description of the latter is provided systematically by the Słownik gwar polskich (Dictionary of Polish Regional Dialects). In the Institute developed are also several dictionaries of proper names.

Since the foundation of the Institute (i.e.1973), the scope of conducted studies goes beyond lexicographical works, involving issues of both Polish and general linguistics. The representatives of the Institute are members of scholarly and state administration commissions responsible for linguistic normalization policy. In addition to the mainstream activities related to research on the mother tongue, employees of the Institute work on the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Poland, and on problems in linguistic geography, which are part of international projects of the Slavic Linguistic Atlas and the Atlas of European Languages. The scholarly activities of the Institute are increasingly involved in digital humanities, thanks to the use of quantitative linguistic methods, especially in stylometry and in corpus related projects. The dictionaries and other original electronic resources created by the Institute are available on this website.

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