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About the library

The Library of the Institute is of humanistic nature. The collection includes works on:

  • linguistics (theory and methodology),
  • corpus linguistics,
  • grammar structure,
  • lexicography,
  • sociolinguistics,
  • dialectology,
  • onomastics,
  • geolinguistics,
  • history of Polish language,
  • contemporary Polish language,
  • relations between Polish language and other languages (mostly Slavic and Latin).

The library is further extended with collective and serial works, and in its special collections – with publications on cartography. The collection has been created since the foundation of the Institute and now counts approx. 27 thousand books. In 2010 began the works on creating an online catalogue in the SOWA2/MARC21 system. The collection is used mainly for the research purposes of Institute employees, but is also made available to students (on a special request).

Detailed information on the collections and the catalogue can be found on the old website of the Library.